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2nd story window dilemma

So, should there be a middle window on the second story? Structurally I don’t even know if it could be done as there is a wall seperating bedrooms with a closet there, maybe it would be in the closet… but i feel that space between the windows is so wide it needs something there. Anything I can do to make it look less wide and kinda ”squat” or am I totally staring at it and thinking too much into it?

Honestly I would love to turn the existing 2nd story windows into gabled windows one day, and I’m thinking that would help visually… but that will take years of saving and talking my husband into it.

Disclaimer: We are right in the middle of sprucing up the exterior, hence the mess, clutter etc. please keep that in mind with the photos lol.

The previous owners had painted just about everything, besides

the vinyl siding, a deep blue gray.. the entire front and back porch, foundation and lattice were all the same blue. With the siding being right between a gray and very light blue (depending on who you ask) there was just a LOT of blue going on. Paiting the porches white has brightened it up substantially and added I guess contrast, we screened in the back porch and threw out the old broken lattice and put in cedar panels under the front porch… my idea on a whim that I am not sure of still.

Oh I am also stumped on what to do with the shutters, leave them blue, take them off altogether?

would love to hear your suggestions.

(yes we will be pressure washing, its on the list!)

(we live in the country but I’m not into barn stars, no offense to anyone who is.)

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