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Attn Color Experts! Seeking suggestions for white paint

Anon Ymous
last month
last modified: last month

I could use some advice on whites so I can place an order for samples (going to try out Samplize).

I have 2 color scenarios in my midcentury house that may require 2 shades of white. This is for a renovation so I do not have photos.

1. Bathrooms: Tile and quartz countertop both have gray/blue undertones. Trim is orange/red stained wood and porcelain is off-white (Toto Colonial White & American Standard White). One of the bathrooms has a skylight. I would like to enhance the blue undertones in the tile and countertop.

2. Living spaces: Lots of red/orange Western redcedar wall paneling and vaulted planked ceilings, stained wood trim. Most windows are South-facing (only one is West-facing), but with minimal direct light due to wide awnings and forested setting (PNW lighting). Furniture is TBD but colors will mostly be autumn/jewel tones (browns, oranges, navy, greens, rust). Pretty rustic.

Throughout the house I'm planning 3000k lighting, mostly LED or incandescent. I have the SW wheel and so far I can rule out all the ones with pink tones, but beyond that the options start to jumble together for me. I would like to limit myself to either Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, any suggestions??

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