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Exterior Paint Color help? Updated look

last month
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I had a color consultant come help pick paint colors and I thought I was set. I got samples today and really am not feeling these colors! We have a large one-story, but with cathedral ceiling/high ceilings, and a covered porch with tall beams & a peaked ceiling. Kind of lodge-y. We want to stick with browns/tans to go with roof & existing stone & home style. Northern climate. Front faces north. I wanted to brighten it up a bit and stick with a warm-ish neutral (but not too yellow), color in the browns/tans family.

She suggested SW Stone Lion or Sanderling, with trim in Natural Linen, and Turkish Coffee (dark brown) for porch beams, tall wood beams near door, shutters & garage doors.

I tried the colors and I don't like the Stone Lion at all!! I thought that was what I would use. I think it's actually TOO light for our house, and kind of an odd tone. Sanderling might be okay but is really warm. Looks like a more dated color to me? Not sure Natural Linen is white enough. I know we don't want white-white, but it seems like maybe it's one shade too close to the base colors? Like maybe Shoji White or Creamy would be better?

Can anyone suggest some more updated tan/taupe-y tones with light trim colors I could try? Or is Sanderling okay? I don't want to spend thousands painting and have it look like it's 1995. Thanks for any tips you can give.

eta: added pic from early spring. there is a lot if greenery around the house in summer.

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