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Kitchen Design Dilemma

last month

Hello All, I am remodeling my kitchen and I am having issues deciding what to do with the fridge. I thought I was set but doubts.. are creeping in. My designer wants me to move it out of the site lines but doing so will cause me to take at least 6 inches inches from the entryway closet (making it unusable)...I would love to reconfigure this closet by turning it a bit but my designer doesn't deal with architect issues and I don't know how to find anyone to help me (such a small job) ..... we are doing this work ourselves.

place but I need some architectural vision.

In pic 2 you can see closet is already turned...This was moving a structural wall over about 11 inches which we decided can see in Pic 4 the way my closet is currently shaped.

So that's forcing me into option B pic 1 leaving the fridge on the long wall..I'm just worried:

I don't want to be forced into buying a counter depth fridge and am I messing up a beautiful design by leaving fridge on long wall?

I like the look of pic 1 but is this a mistake to leave fridge here if I have other options?

Then I thought maybe if I did move fridge just have a shallow entryway closet and add some nice closet built in's just on the other side of the pantry ..see pics.

Thanks for your advice.


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