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Laundry Room/Bedroom/Bathroom Layout Help Needed

last month

We are moving our laundry room upstairs (it's currently in a very inconvenient entry way on the main floor which we'll be turning into a small mudroom). Beyond the Primary, there are three smallish bedrooms and we're absolutely willing to give one up to move the laundry room upstairs. Our original idea was to split the middle bedroom and create a small laundry room and an en-suite for the bedroom all the way to the right. Unfortunately after consulting with a contractor and plumber we're not going to be able to put the laundry and/or bathroom in the center or left room (based on where our current stack is it would require renovating our kitchen as well which is well beyond the scope of this project). The two remaining bedrooms would be guest rooms for now with the possibility of one becoming a kids room in the future.

We're now trying to figure out what makes sense given the constraints of only being able to use the left bedroom. The options we've come up with are:

  1. Turn the far left bedroom into a split laundry/bathroom (en-suite for the middle bedroom). I don't love this idea because the far right bedroom is then so far from the other bathroom and it seems to break the space up strangely.
  2. Expand the existing hall bathroom eating into some of the left bedroom and create a laundry room as well. We're not sure if it makes sense to make the hallway bathroom bigger.
  3. Expand the middle bedroom into part of the left bedroom and use the remaining space as the laundry room. This might not work with the window placement in the left bedroom.
  4. Turn the whole left bedroom into a laundry room. This would be a big laundry room.
  5. Something else we're not thinking of?

We have a designer who's helping us but we're struggling to give her direction on how we want to use this space and thought you smart people may have some ideas.

Sorry I don't have full measurements, I can add those when I get back to the house later this week. This is more of a thought exercise right now.

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