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Hedges on front of house have me stumped

last year

We’ve been in this house for a year now and I would guess the front shrubs are original to the house. I’d love some ideas on keeping them/altering/layering with them, or throwing in the towel and putting in new landscape altogether.

The house faces East and we are in zone 6b. The shorter shrubs to the left are overgrown box woods. I’m not sure what the shrubs are on the right but they grow like crazy. Both have been sheared on the top for a long time without much other pruning, but seem healthy. So I could do some 1/3 pruning and likely get them looking much more full. And shorter so you could see the front porch (although admittedly I like the idea of having some privacy with them, or another shrub).

I’d welcome any thoughts or ideas. Do you think pruning and trimming could get these shrubs to look good with the house? Or should we go with another option? Thank you!

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