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How would you feel about this broken corner?

last month

Our Taj Mahal countertops have a mitered edge and they obviously broke a corner then filled it in. In it here's a black smudge which may be removeable and also some white scratches in it. Can you help us understand how we should view this break and whether or not we should have a problem with it?

To set the tone, this countertop install has been full of issues. We're still waiting on our wall run of countertops as they cut the sink in the wrong place and had to hunt down another slab from our bundle. They cut the overhang 1/4" short over the cabinet doors on our island, so we don't have the overhang we hoped for, instead it's flush with our cabinet doors. They could slide the countertop forward to increase the overhang but then either our stove will stick out further than we wanted or they'd have to cut the hole for our range deeper. There are spots of adhesive on the countertop that will have to be removed as well as a large splash of sealer that is visible as a rough looking splotch on the countertop. The mitered seams are pretty visible too from across the room, I'm not sure if they're acceptable or not.

Anyway, before we talk to them I was curious what you knowledgeable people feel about this corner. I'm also curious if all of these other issues are typical or a sign of sloppy work. I know I'd be embarrassed to do that kind of job but maybe it's normal.

Thank you!!

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