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repair dents in biyork Nouveau 6

frank P
last month

hey Everyone, we just installed our Biyork Nouveau 6 summer peach and went to move the fridge and caused a bit of a dent in the floor from the wheels moving sideways. Luckily it didn't scratch anything , but I was wondering if anyone knew how to lift out dents in the hardwood (or soften them.. or something..)

I came across this blurb online, but wasn't sure if it would work with engineered hardwood.

to fix a dent in the floor " To begin with, ensure that the dent is clean and there are no pieces of wood or even splinters missing from your prefinished floor. If there aren’t, go ahead and place a dampened towel over the offending dent.

Then place a steamer on top of this. The wood underneath should, slowly but surely, start rising. Keep dabbing at the wood with the hot steamer until it’s back to the original level and looking as good as new.

Somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes is usually enough to remove dents in the wood. If the cut is too deep to fix this way, you may need to replace the board with a new one.

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