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Shipping questions for those who sell items from home

last month

I am getting rid of my Mackenzie-Childs collection--not all, just one pattern (Courtly Check). Evidently, there is a large market for this vintage pattern and I've joined several FB groups dedicated to buying and selling this brand. My first choice is to do local sales but that may severely limit my ability to find buyers. In many of the posts, the seller will say "add shipping and paypal fees". So my question is do you charge them once you do all the packing and get rate from say, UPS? Do people get sticker shock from postage quotes and change their mind? Also, if people know the size and weight of the object (easily researched) and my zip code, can they figure out the shipping fees?

Here's the collection for reference:

They are made of heavy gauge steel with a handpainted enamel glaze over it. (To give you an idea of value, the bowls sell, used, for $40 each, minimum. That ladle sells for $150/new. Most of it has been at my summer cottage just taking up space.


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