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Small narrow space off kitchen. Large fridge a must, bench & seating

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi there,

Looking for design ideas for a very narrow 2metre space, right next to and becomes incorporated as a part of the kitchen space also.

I’m wanting to put my large 80cm square fridge unit in there, most likely on the back wall as that seems to be the only place it will fit as it’s 80cm square.

Pretty much looking for cabinetry ideas that won’t make a feature of the fridge, but wanting to make it serviceable and workable as an attractive modern bar area with perhaps a high bench for stool seating beneath, to maybe include storage underneath, as well as lots of storage.

The area is right next to the small kitchen which houses the oven, cooktop and microwave.

I haven’t been able to see or find any narrow space designs with a full sized fridge on the back wall. A lot have windows, but I have no windows in that area.

I’ve included a couple of design ideas I like and a couple of pics of my actual area. Apologies for the mess in there though. lol.. We’ve taken out a brick wall / microwave hutch so are having some storage issues currently. lol.. It’s also been recently rendered and plastered and we are yet to paint it until after the rendering has settled. Not too long to go though 👍

The plan shows music / study as the area I am talking about and the m/wave area has now been removed. The length of the remaining wall where the microwave hutch was, is only 47cm in length.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

I’m new to Houzz so looking forward to some ideas.

This is a fly through video of what our cabinet maker came up with before the brick microwave hutch was removed.

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