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giving purpose to stored fabrics

claudia valentine
5 months ago

I have been downsizing and letting go of things that I know that I am too old to care about saving for future use.

I have gotten rid of fabrics that I no longer like or that I know I dont enjoy sewing on or wearing and I have gotten rid of patterns that I know I will never want again and all manner of stuff.

I am clearing the deck as old age sets in and I am giving priority and space to only those few things that still please me.

One genre of fabrics that I have kept are several pieces of beautiful woolens. These are wide fabrics and they are of such fine quality. They are from a time when nice fabrics were neither expensive nor scarce. Nice fabrics at an affordable price was the norm, not the exception.

They were purchased for garment construction but that is never going to happen.

Yesterday I took down two lengths of such and laid them out and realized that I could actually use these as nice blankets, even if they are both a bit smaller than you use normally for a blanket. But, since I sleep alone on a full sized bed, they are both going to be perfect for me.

One is a wool blend and is so soft and surprisingly lightweight. I took advantage of what is a very handsome selvedge edge and just did a nicely top stitched hem on the top and bottom. It turned out very nice and I am so glad to be using this lovely piece of stuff. I had sewed my daughter a robe of it when she was little. She is now middle aged.

The other piece is a beautiful off white piece of thick wool that is like a length of boiled wool, but not quite as thick and heavy. It already looks like a blanket. Again, it has a perfectly lovely selvedge on it and I am leaving that just as it is. It is, however just a tad shorter than I want so I am planning on adding extra length to the top of the piece using maybe some nice percale and doing a nice edge finish on the percale. I figure that I might look for a pretty sheet of good quality and a nice print and use it. I need about 8 inches or more to add as a border across one end . I am figuring that I can use the flat lock function on my serger to apply this border so avoiding a thick seam . I figure that I could use the rest of the nice sheet to make matching pillowcases.

I am so glad to have these two lovely pieces of fabric and put them to some use. I am never going to sew them up into garments at this age.

You would not find these two fabrics out in the wild today. I know that I paid no more than three bucks a yard for them. That was the way it was back in those days. Good quality fabrics were a given, not an exception.

I gave both pieces a good run through the wash and the dryer. There will be no surprises after hemming. They both came out great. A bit of shrinkage, but not significant.

After all these years, why did I not think about using them for something other than garments?

I was looking around for a nice light blanket and not finding anything that I liked. Now I have one and I have put to good use something that I have kept and stored for decades and it is a nice fabric, not fleece or micro fiber, ugh!

I just wanted to share and to encourage others to think outside the box, too.

I used my new blanket last night and it is going to do just what I wanted it to do. When it is time to wash, it will simply get washed and dried and no fuss.

Paring down to a more focused effort is so freeing! The older you get, the less time you have for "future". And, I know of not one soul who would want my sewing stuff except for little grand daughter who is now only 7. I am leaving her a few carefully curated things because this little girl is a a real maker.

Just wanted to share............

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