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Water damage on sill of basement window

last month

We just purchased a home with a semi-basement. Most of it is finished except for a basement utility room. There are two egress windows, one in the unfinished room (shown with vinyl window and insulation for reference), and one in the bathroom (wooden frame). The inspection recommended that we get someone to cover both of these window wells, which we plan to do, but I’m wondering if more needs to be done for the bathroom window. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and its not currentky damp or actively leaking, but the paint and surface of the sill seems to have bubbled at some point. When I poked at it to see if I could sand and repaint, the top coat broke off and the damage in the picture was revealed. Before I contact anyone about doing the window wells, I wondered if anyone had any insights about whether this window needs replaced or repaired etc. That way it could maybe be done at the same time as the other work. Thank you in advance!

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