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Which SW white for all my interior walls with dark wood trim.

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I live in a Williamsburg Cape Cod with very dark trim. Hardwood flooring in dark oak, all interior doors, baseboard, window frames in same dark oak stain. Even the archways are framed in dark stain. My kitchen cabinets are dark cherry and kitchen has three 72" long windows plus two windows above the sink, and the kitchen door top half windows. I am confused about which white to paint my walls. Reading all the comments here have only further confused me. I know I prefer a warm white, but do not want yellow undertones. I have had enough of yellow looking walls. Only my kitchen gets a lot of natural light; the rest of the rooms, not so much. I thought I had settled on White Duck 7010, but am afraid it will look dingy in the rooms with little natural light. Then I considered Alabaster 7008, but am concerned it will look like primer on the walls contrasting with all the dark trim. Greek Villa 7551, Marshmallow 7001??? At this point I am at a loss. Spending enough on "peel and stick" to have paid for some of the paint.

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