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Columnar English Oak- good choice for shade and (some) screening?

Ben Smith
last month

I just moved into a home in Lakewood that is great but close to a fairly busy and noisy road to the north that keeps the front yard from being a relaxing place. It could also use more shade, as the two 10-12 year old Autumn Blaze Maples on the west side don’t shade a significant portion of the home from the brutal afternoon sun.

The front lawn is about 10 feet wide from the sidewalk (which is on my property), then the sidewalk is about 5 feet wide, and then there is another strip of grass about 6 feet wide between the sidewalk and street. This strip is where the two existing Maples are located.

I am considering planting one or two Columnar English Oak (or potentially varieties such as Crimson Spire or Kindred Spirit) for shade that will also provide some screening in winter due to the dense branch structure. Is this a strong choice for the narrow strip of grass between the sidewalk and street, considering my goals, the mature size and spread, vulnerability to disease/parasites as well as our climate?

For screening along the north edge of the front lawn I’m thinking columnar Rocky Mountain Juniper of the Woodward or similar variety, or Taylor Eastern Red Juniper (same as Taylor Juniper?). Same questions with regard to the suitability of this idea.

I really appreciate any experience or recommendations you can share.

Thank you all!

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