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Birthday and simple pleasures

last month

I buy my scratch tickets and my neighbourhood variety store. He's a delightful owner. When I was picking out a ticket a while ago, I asked what month his birthday was, and he said August. So I took the 8th ticket. Mine is in August too (today) so it was for double the luck:-)

I scratched a ticket on Sunday and it won $100. So I just got back from seeing him and cashing in my winnings on more tickets. He brought out a stack of $5 Crosswords and said to pick one for my birthday. How nice!!

I put his initial on the ticket to keep track and see if it's a winner. :-)

My step-father and I are going out for lunch next week. The Italian restaurant he wants to take me isn't open Mon and Tues for lunch, and we're both busy the rest of this week. So next week it is!

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