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Endless Summer hydrangeas not blooming

I've had these Endless Summer hydrangeas for several years, and they've always bloomed and done well.

This year I had a lot of trees removed, though, which changed their sun from part-sun (maybe less) to full-sun.

They're thick and leafy, but no blooms or buds at all!

I haven't used any fertilizer this year. I have an impact sprinkler that runs for 20 minutes weekly, but it's been VERY rainy this year so there's definitely no concern of a lack of water. Irises, lilies, gladioli, crocosmia, heucheras, and black eye susans have all bloomed well, but just not the hydrangeas.

Is this one of those things that a change in sun might have shocked them and they'll do better next year? Or should I consider moving them this Fall?

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