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Interesting mixed bag 1830s 1970s-80s

last month

This is an interesting mixed bag of 1830 and late 20th c. To put this in context, these blocks are mixed commercial and when this house was renovated the blocks weren't that great right around here.

For context this house is nearby. It looked like this until a just a few years ago, but this is what the conditions of some of them were like. I will actually miss the "stabilized ruin" quality of this one, but it did really need to be restored.

And this was close by. This disappeared right before I moved back in 1992.

And this was nearby: the towers remained until 2000, this picture was from the 1980s, probably around the time the house in the listing was getting the bathrooms renovated. This was a few blocks south, and here a few blocks can make a world of difference, but it still has an effect on who is willing to live where.

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