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Monstera Adansoni yellowing leaves

lili sahm
5 months ago

I have this Monstera Adansoni for almost a's in a 6 inche plastic pot with lots of drainage holes and in a chunky aroid soil that I mixed at home (peat moss+bark+coco chips+lots of perlite+a bit of worm castings and vermiculite). it's 1.5 feet away from my south facing balcony door(even though it's south facing it rarely recieves direct sunlight because there's a very tall tree right in front of my room windows). it's in my room(temperature is around 20-22 C° and at least 50% humidity).I fertilize it at least once a month with a diluted 20-20-20 fertilizer).
It keeps growing healthy, new leaves rapidly (it was taller but I cut almost half of it's length to water propogate and put back in it's pot after rooting to make it look fuller.I also want to put a moss pole for it).what bothers me is that it also keeps yellowing it's lower leaves. each time the lowest leaf starts to show a yellow patch from a corner. this yellowing develops until the whole leaf is completely yellow, then it gets crispy dry and brown and falls and I hate to have plants with a long,bare stem.
I read everywhere that yellowing is usually the sign of over or underwatering. in my case, overwatering rarely happens.I use really fast draining and porous soil and I have +80 house plants and I'm lazy. I try to water most of my plants at least once a week in spring and summer but sometimes I can't and when I check their soils after more than a week, usually the whole soil in their pot is bone dry.
So I guess the problem is under watering?or maybe fertilizing once a month isn't enough?
another important question is that do you think Monstera Adansoni can grow well in a no drainage pot? because I'm afraid I can't water it more frequently. I couldn't keep up with watering some of my thirsty plants for example my peace lily and I repotted her into a no drainage glass pot and since then she's thriving but I don't know if a monstera can get along well with no drainage.
do you think adding a moss pole can help?

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