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Backsplash tiling height

last month

After many years the kitchen is slowly getting there (see photos for where it's clearly not finished yet). Right now we're trying to figure out the best height to install our tiles (planning on Aleutian Isles Aluminium Linear Marble).

The attached photo is where I'm trying to figure things out (with additional lines to hopefully help the conversation). These are the different ideas I'm playing with in preference order:

  1. Sections A/E to 2.5 (should've numbered it differently). B-D to 3. Prevents super hard lines with too strong of a horizontal on the wall

  2. All sections to 3

  3. Sections A/B/D/E to 2. C to 3. Concerned this will look weird with the linear lines showing at C

  4. Sections A/E to 2. B-D to 3. Similar to selection 1, though a bit lower.

  5. All to 5 (full wall, though likely cost-prohibitive.

Any other really good configurations I'm missing? Any recommendations for which would work best?

Appreciate the thoughts and opinions!

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