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Upper cabinets in corner

Lisa Leone
last month
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Trying to decide between a few upper cabinet options for a short (66 inch) wall between a doorway and my sink. These are the only upper cabinets in my kitchen (aside from a tall pantry on the righthand side) the cabinets in question are on the left. All options have 42" tall cabinets that are 18" above the counter. I started off with a 36" wide cabinet that should be wide enough for plates and bowls, and then the variable space is for glasses and mugs. The wood and tile fills are just approximations, the wood and tile I'm thinking of is like this pic below with a light colored quartz. I'm leaning towards opaque (ribbed) glass mullion doors for the upper cabinets, upper and lowers will all be wood shaker style:

side view of kitchen:

Option 1:

36" wide double door cabinet on the left, with a pie cut corner cabinet (24"x24" on the right)

Option 2:

36" wide double door cabinets still on the left, with open shelves on the right

Option 3:

3x 18" cabinets centered on the wall, leaving 6" on either side

Any thoughts? Other comments on any other part of the design is welcome also. I am working with somewhat of a kitchen designer through my GC, but like to have a good idea of what I want beforehand.

Adding some context and extra pics to the main body:

This is an 1890's farmhouse that we moved into, had to replace some appliances (stove and dw) right away because they were non-functional. Below is the overall layout, the door that opens on the right is the one we enter from the driveway (via a 4 season porch room) - original front door no longer used because it's on a busy road).

The fridge is in a small alcove with the basement door to the right of it, this space used to be a hallway but it was boarded up and now there is a long narrow bathroom in the space directly behind the refrigerator. The big cabinets are our current pantry storage, sorry for the mess in all these pics:

The right hand window is (in my mind) not a good space for a sink and dishwasher because the main entry door opens right in front of it:

bonus material, this is the current space I am wanting to replace in the original question. Previous occupant used to have a washing machine here, that's why there are no bottom cabinets.

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