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Ot - My feelings about huge old threads being revived.

last month

I am sure others have different opinions, but I find that old very large threads on a subject, suddenly appearing on here, particularly ones which already have over 100 posts on them, are very off putting. I understand that if a thread is talking about a specific rose, it might have good information which makes re-posting it a good idea to start another discussion about the same specific rose - that is not what I am referring to. I am also not referring to valuable threads on technical topics such as "how to root cuttings" - those are very valuable.

However, there seem to be many posts on here which revive old and enormous threads on general topics which contain so many old old posts that they are out of date, and astonishingly cumbersome to navigate and read.

My reaction to a new post on here when it IS actually a new post is excitement, curiosity, and pleasurable anticipation. I almost always look at them. If the "new post" is actually a re-posting of what I call "zombie threads" which may be 10 years old or older, and contain over 100 (or sometimes 200!) original posts, I skip them, sadly. Just my opinion.


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