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Anyone else question the quality of Johnny's seeds?

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last year

It seems invariably the plants I have trouble with have come from Johnny's. Some stuff does fine, but other stuff just doesn't, some of which I've grown for years and typically grow quite well. Like dill -- who can't grow dill?!? This year I bought a pack of "Bouquet" from Johnny's and it's barely 4 inches high here in August, and I sowed it at the end of May. So no dill for me this year. Last year I had a terrible infestation of some sort of disease on my tomatoes, which I never had before, all were seed grown and some came from Johnny's. I used older seed of "Sweet Million" from another vendor that I had been using for a couple years and never had one lick of disease, so I know it wasn't those. So barely any tomatoes for me last year. No I have no proof the Johnny's seed was infected, but I'm awfully suspect. The kabocha from them this year are hardly bearing - usually kabocha is easy for me and I get a fair amount of set but hardly any this year.

IDK...all of this could be coincidental but I'm really starting to question the quality of their seed. What's your experience been with Johnny's quality?

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