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10A GPO on hotplate 32A dedicated circuit ?

last month

I've got a hotplate wall switch in the kitchen on its own a 32A breaker. Can a sparky just change this face to a standard 10A double power point with extra switch outlet (for the hotplate) or will they have to run a whole new cable for the socket outlet to the 10A breaker? (Which I imagine isn't worth the cost)

Comments (3)

  • mtvhike
    last month

    What's a "hot plate wall switch"? I don't think you're allowed to have a regular receptacle on a 32A circuit.

  • dadoes
    last month

    I’m guessing the OP isn’t in the US …

  • kaseki
    last month

    I believe (but don't have the time to research it) that the NEC allows a circuit, such as for a clock, to be tied to a range circuit. But that might not apply in this case. Also, codes vary. The OP needs to be more specific. I don't think that there are 32A breakers normally available in the USA. If this is for a different country's code, the OP will need an electrician familiar with the relevant code to pipe up.

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