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Window spacing for bedroom and living room

Matt Lonsdale
last month

My fiancée and I are working on a custom home design, and have it mostly sorted out, but one area we're a little stuck on is window placement for the bedroom and living room.
For the bedroom, we'll have a dresser and wall mount TV, on the left wall, centered between the bathroom and closet doors. A king bed will be on the right wall, and we want the centerline of the bed lined up with the center of the dresser/TV. With the current layout, if we did that, the windows would be off centered from the bed. We can't really change the closet or bathroom doors, so we want to change the window placement. We'll have nightstands on either side of the bed.
So I'd love some suggestions for how far from the bedframe we should place the windows? The drawings currently have 6' windows there, with 8' ceilings, so we're also thinking shorter windows would be best there?
Sidenote - the windows on the top wall will be changed to tripartite, with a square center picture window, and double hungs on either side, and that grouping centered on the wall. We'll have a couple of chairs or a chaise lounge near that window grouping looking out towards the water behind our house.
The living room is directly below the bedroom. It's an open floor plan, so the left side of the drawings would show kitchen/dining space. The TV will go on the right wall. So similar question there - how far should the windows be, and should we consider shorter windows? We somewhat need to consider the outside appearance - want it to look nice and lined up....but nobody will ever really see that side.
We'll have a sofa facing the TV, plus a couple of accent chairs.

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