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Did I pay too much for antique Persian rug?

Sara Mir
last month

I just received this (gorgeous!) 9x12 rug from
RugSource dot com. It was described as being in “Very Good-evenly low pile” condition. It’s unique and the colors are perfect so I love it, but it’s much more worn than I expected based on the description and photos.

The rug has been professionally cleaned allegedly but it’s over 100 years old so there are still dirty/dingy looking spots especially at the ivory colored edges. There are also some very worn spots, even a couple of what I would consider holes. The fringes have been wrapped but one side is coming apart (the wrapping, not the warp/weft).

I paid $3000 — which is at the very top of my budget, and way more than my husband wanted me to spend on a “used dirty rug” (he prefers new everything!)

I can still return it for free (I’m loathe to do so because I do love it, I just want to feel like I got a decent deal.) what do you experts say?

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