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Dwarf conifer recommendation for SE corner of house?

Ian MN
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hello friends!

I would like to add a Dwarf conifer to this corner of our house (removing the current smokebush). I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Here are some parameters:

-Minneapolis, Zone 4B.

-SE corner of house, decent wind protection because of urban lots, but essentially "full sun."

-I am imagining something 3.5-4' x 5-6'. But I am open to any design ideas folks have.

-If you're curious, I plan on moving away the irises that are blocking the rhododendron in back.

-I also plan on bumping out the beds a bit in general. They were set by the previous owners and I find the narrow, straight lines pretty stodgy.

-I'm looking for conifers because of winter interest, but I'm open to broadleaf evergreen or deciduous plants that have some kind of appealing structure visible in winter - Weeping European Larch, for example, occured to me.

Thank you!!!

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