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Any ideas for getting cologne smell out of a seatbelt?

last month

Last month I rode in a car where the usual passenger wears cologne. I'm very sensitive to perfume odor and it gives me migraines. Since the seatbelt goes right across the chest, it was impossible to avoid the smell. Of course, I opened the window. I ended up partially wrapping the seatbelt as best I could in a plastic grocery bag to try and keep the smell from getting on me. I wore two masks. And I still ended up with a migraine.

Next month I have to travel again in that car for a couple of hours. I thought I'd try totally wrapping the seatbelt in Glad Press and Seal wrap. I'll have a little prep time, and I thought maybe I can wash it or spray it with something to kill the scent. Any suggestions?

BTW, I'm pretty much stuck having to ride in this car and I can't switch to a different seat.

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