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Need help placing Dishwasher, Range and Sink in kitchen reno.

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Ugh, I spent an hour writing a post and Houzz ate it!

At least the second time I saved the text. Looks like Houzz is having issues with pics. I'll try to edit and add after I post.

Over the past 5 years we've had two floods and had to redo about half of the kitchen. Due to the age (built in the early 30s), layout of the house and the fact that insurance was paying for it we had quite a few constraints so we are very aware that things are not "ideal" but that's life.

Here is where we started:

House came with a Subzero! The double swing door was the first to go. We weren't in the house for more than 5min before my daughter came tearing through and smashed her brother in the face with the door.

The kitchen used to be two rooms, the kitchen and a small eating area (where the yellow cabinets are). They combined the two rooms in the 70s. It's about 18.5' x 16.5'

After a lot of work here is where we are at now:

These two I'm just showing off the two coolest features of the island. I designed and built the pullout pot/pan storage after seeing Glideware in a home show. The bottom drawer can lock in place, and a board placed just inside the drawer to make a stool for my daughter to help.

We will be finishing the area along the outer wall and the range wall (the L as we refer to it). Nothing is set in stone at this time, but we would like to do is to remove the upper cabinets on both walls. The previous owners (who built the house) were short so the cabinets are low and a pain in the butt. On the outer wall we would have windows all the way down, at the same height, finished with the same trim I built in the other areas we have redone. It's 50" double pane windows on the sides and a 100" picture window in the middle. It would look something like this:

Right now we have the 36" farmhouse sink centered on the windows, and the range is centered on the 79" counter edge (not the whole counter or wall) with a 54" range hood. The cabinets are not final at all and we are open to suggestions. All cabinets will have pull out shelving. We have some flexibility where we can put things. The dishwasher and sink can go anywhere along the outer wall. The range can really go anywhere on the L, but venting becomes an issue if it's on the outer wall.

Moving the island, fridge, or oven are not options. Unfortunately neither is putting a prep sink in the island. The only change I'll be making is adding a couple outlets to the island, they've been missed during holidays.

Currently I do most of my prep on the corner of the island across from the range and sink. I would prefer to do it on the counter, but there just isn't enough space (the cabinets being a big part of that). By sliding the sink down and removing the cabinets it would give me a lot more space to work in between the range and sink.

We know we want slide out trash cans. I think putting them on the left of the sink (Between the sink/prep/range) makes sense. As for the dishwasher, we don't really have a preference on where to put that, I stuck it on the left so it was "out of the way" as much as it can be. That's where it is now, and for the most part it is out of the way. Hmmm, right now you can open the drawers in the island and the dishwasher without hitting each other, I'd need to make sure that's still possible since most of what's in the dishwasher goes in the island.

Helpful suggestions and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism are appreciated.


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