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Backyard Remodel: Which areas are the best to invest?

Merris Delane
last month

Hey Houzzers!

I need your wisdom! 🙏🙏

We have a corner lot just up the hill from the beach in San Diego (Del Mar) and are currently racking our brains to design the backyard landscape. We are about a month or two from completing our pool in the NW corner. Please be kind with your responses as we now realize we were dumb for building the pool before finalizing a backyard design.


-To those who have done a backyard remodel, what do you wish you had done differently?

-What are you most glad that you invested in?

-Where do you spend the most time in the backyard besides the pool? (I.e. dining area, the BBQ island, Outdoor living room/tv area)?

-Any thoughts on the 3 designs someone has made for us so far?


-We are trying to create an indoor/outdoor flow. The consistent climate is perfect for this.

-We want a space that is great for our 9 and 12 year old kids and entertaining fellow friends and their 8-15 year old kids.

-We are not BBQ fanatics but would like to have one should we use it and for future resale value.

-We love to watch Tv.

-We are practical people who want the place to look really nice but with low maintenance, functional, practical stuff where we don’t have to worry constantly about cleaning or ruining things.

-We want low maintenance, drought tolerant plants

-We want to hide the yellow house directly past our fence to the West

-We want privacy on the North and Easter sides

-The single story section on the North side of has our kitchen and living room.

-We have future plans to build an ADU in the Southern corner.

I have included a pic of our pool at the moment and 3 designs that a landscaper has come up with thus far.

Thank you!!

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