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Shower floor not sloped properly

last month

We finally started using our new shower and water isn’t draining completely. While showering I’m standing in a shallow pool of water (mostly near the drain and about 6-10” from the drain). I suspected this would happen since I noticed the floor didn’t have the proper slope. But our tile guy said it should still drain without any issues. If I don’t squeegee the floor, it does eventually dry out after several hours.

He stopped by today to come up with a solution. Said he is embarrassed since I even asked him about the slope. He said he could remove the tiles (leaving 2” border around perimeter), build up the mud bed to achieve the proper slope, then waterproof and install new tiles.

This is obviously the only way to fix the problem, and I really don’t feel like squeegeeing the shower floor after every shower. It sounds like it’s easy enough to do, but am I missing anything that could go wrong or cause any other issues?? What else do I need to confirm with him if we go this route?

He feels bad and wants me to be happy. I just don’t know if it’s worth the hassle.

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