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Ideas for my kitchen & living room?

Federico Zivolo
last month

Hi, I'm buying my first apartment (Italy) and they just started building it. I'd like some suggestions about the way I'm rearranging the rooms in order to take advantage of the available space.

The one below is the original project as provided by the builder:

I'm sorry for the italian labels:

Soggiorno > Livingroom

Balcone > Balcony

B1/2 > Bathroom 1/2

Letto 1/2 > Bedroom 1/2

Cott. > Kitchen

Dis 1/2 > Hallway 1/2

This is my proposal

As you can see I'm swapping bathroom and kitchen so that I can get a larger kitchen and the bathroom can have a window. I also end up having extra space for the living room and a closet I could use as laundry room.

Unfortunately as you can see there's a column I can't move in the kitchen so I have to work around it.

Don't mind the "door" between B2 and Sgab., it's just an error of the software I'm using.

This is how it should look like furnished:

I'm not convinced about the kitchen as it will only have that weird shaped high table rather than a proper dining table and people sitting there will face the column/wall.

Here how it should look like:

The air/light ratio should be good as the living room is facing south and the math I did fits into the regional laws for my area, but I'm planning to add a skylight as the apartment is at the last floor.

For the dining table I'm thinking of using one of those expandable tables that convert from small consoles to proper 8 seats tables, you can see it right to the left after you enter the apartment, outside the hallway.

What do you think about my ideas?

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