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Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Question

last year

Hello all,

I'm seeking help about choosing a backsplash for my bathroom remodel. Right now, my contractor is almost done with my bathroom remodel. I've picked a very neutral, yet modern esthetic for the bathroom. For the bathroom walls, I'm getting two led mirrors and the rest will be painted with a silver/purple color.

However, I didn't realize the bathroom vanity the contractor picked didn't have a backsplash until it was too late. I want to make sure I have something there to protect the walls. The contractor is telling me to pick some tile to use as a backsplash that will only be about 6" tall. However, a friend of mine, who's a designer, is suggesting I purchase a 6" slab of quartz to match the vanity top. He thinks the single slab will look like a more clean and finished line, versus using pieces of tile that will have grout lines that breakup the look of the wide vanity. I'm also not sure if the tile will look strange in a 6" strip, as there is no other tile on the walls except the shower. But, the contractor thinks the backsplash is a great time to add more color or excitement, as so far the bathroom is pretty neutral.

Here is a photo of the vanity with my new floor tile:

And a photo of the shower, just to show the other tile in the room:

And the walls haven't been painted yet, so unfortunately I only have a paint swatch to show the eventual color:

Does anyone have any thoughts? What type of backsplashes do you prefer? I see the pros and cons for both options and I'm just not sure which type to pick.

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