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36" Dual Fuel Stove Opinion

Celine Cook
last month

After a very bad experience with the first Dual Fuel stove we got, we are looking for a better option. Ordered an NXR, started using it in January and used twice before it broke. Thought maybe we just had a lemon so we replaced it with the same. Broke the first time we used it. Still waiting for the second refund but getting ready to move on. Never buy NXR!

I am willing to move up in price range but just can't afford a Wolf or Viking as much as I would like one. Looking for one between $6000 and $8500. Any ideas? The main thing I want is 6 burners on it. I cook for a big family and do a ton of canning. Continuous grates would be a huge plus! I also bake a lot and broil occasionally so looking for something that is halfway decent all around. Would like one with decent customer service. I have no interest in any smart technology so if the range has it, it won't be used. Self-clean would be a plus though. Also one thing I disliked about the NXR is that it vented the hot air from the oven back into the kitchen. Do they all do this??? I know that all companies will have their various issues but I just can't afford the higher end stuff. Any ideas??

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