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Robots and is your nail polish chipped?

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I have two robot stories:

Yesterday, DH had to get some electrical supplies from HD. He heard a strange beeping noise behind him and turned around, a robot was doing inventory. Said it startled him — he hadn’t heard it approach, and it was nearly touching him. He mentioned it to the cashier, she said it was new and that she hadn’t seen it herself yet. I have heard of them in other stores, but have never seen one.

I wish he’d taken a picture. I keep imagining this:

If only they made them look like Keanu Reeves. Anyway …

I just read that Target is trying out robot manicures. Right now, they’re only testing in select cities and two are in Fort Worth! I’m thinking of trying it for fun. With my luck, the machine will malfunction that day and permanently paint my middle finger a gross shade of something gross.


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