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location of crack/fissure on marble countertop

Ashwini Reddy
last month

I am having marble installed for my island counter. They initially installed a piece that had a “blemish” next to the sink. They said it was a fissure but we said a crack since our finger nail could catch on it. After much discussion they said they would replace it. The next slab in the block has the same mark but looks worse and now might be in a more noticeable area! We thought the island was going to be replaced and didn’t take care of it so it is completely stained and keeping the current island is not an options. What are your thoughts on where I should place the new “blemish”. The first picture is of the original mark. Then the next picture is the black mark on the new slab. The next three pictures are the possible locations of the mark. One of them is just the lower half. The other two are the top half that includes the black mark.

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