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Why is my home not selling?

last month

I'm trying to sell my home quickly through Houzeo because for personal reasons I'm not fond of the realtor system and I want to be in control of my house showings. I've been told by every realtor that has tried to get my business that the market in my area is really hot and my neighborhood is in the most desirable part of the city I live in. I also have a rare .95 acres with fruit trees. The house does need a lot of updating, yard work, and paint that I can't afford or have time for, so I listed the house $50K less than what the lowest estimate those realtors suggested they would price it at. After 6 weeks, I've had only 3 showings and Zillow dropped their 'zestimate' from $142k over my asking price to $2 over my asking price. What gives? And what could I do to generate interest in my home?,-WA-98685_rb/23259477_zpid/

Thank you for your input!


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