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Custom shower, size and drain questions

Max G
last month


I'm excited to be getting a new custom shower. It'd be great to get advice with a couple questions.

I'd really like to get a 1 piece textured shower pan/base. From my searching, most only go up to 36" in depth. Is that enough? I've only ever had a standard bath tub shower in my life, so 36" will be bigger than that, but I don't want to feel cramped at all. I'm willing to pay more for a larger custom base if needed that's 40"+ in depth.

My other concern is with the base drain. I only see bases with flat drains and the vent drains. I don't see any with a standard tub style recessed drain. I prefer the standard drain because I can put a hair catcher in there, and it's easy to take out and clean. Instead of the flat drain which looks like you need to pop the drain out and stick the hair catcher in? That sounds difficult to take out. Is that type of drain just not possible with a shower pan?

Thank you.

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