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Sorting Through the Season

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Sorting through pictures. Some more recent. Others earlier.
Punxsutawny Phil

Love Song

Free the Captives. Base color becomes more reddish with sun.

Hooked on You --wonder if this is always going to be a bit low in the foliag

Carl Sagan

Gia's Wonder

Dragon King

Playing with Crayons

Earnest Yearwood --I may have posted this before. I like the greenish cast. A large bloom.

Rapture at Sea

Frieda Allen Jerrell --took a long time to establish.

Mahogany Magic --great this year, as were many

Vision of Things to Come

Geneva Firetruck --very reliable Hansen here. I like the brilliance in the garden, but many react "ho-hum."

Jubilee Ball --lots of buds

Daniel Howard Norris

Goldner's Red Velvet --a lot of double scaping

Impassioned --think I posted this earlier. An especially vivid morning.

another Katherine Marin --she has been a showoff this year

Christopher Hitchens

Wine in the Gazebo

White Icon

Snowflake Empress --Many people hate whites or near whites.

Teeth of Iron --short and slow, but fabulous bloom. Not in foliage.

Indian Ripple

Repeated Discovery --finally took off this year. This year was a catalyst for many cultivars. For a few, it was a downer.

Mean Green

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