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Where to add a shower stall?

last month

This is something I’ve been thinking about and now, due to lower back problems (ouch) the time has come to do it.

I have three options. My house is a small two story, three bedrooms, with one full bath up and a powder room down. My options, as I see it, are:

1. Add a shower downstairs by extending the powder room. It is right off the kitchen and the space would be taken from a small den. If I went with this option, I would also turn my screened porch into a four season room. If i ever get to the point where stairs are a problem, i could then have one story living, but in the meantime I’d be going up and down the stairs to use the shower.

2. Remodel the upstairs bathroom by extending it into part of a large adjacent walk-in closet. The bathroom would then have one sink, a tub, a shower stall and of course , a toilet. I would miss the storage space in the closet, for sure, but the bedroom would still have a decent closet.

3. Turn the existing tub/ shower combo into a lovely walk in shower but then the house would not have a tub. I really dont use the tub but it seems like every house should have a tub! Maybe that’s the next owner’s problem?

I had the upstairs bathroom remodeled twelve years ago. I should have put in a shower stall then, but instead opted for a large shower,/tub combo. The tub has a higher than usual front side that is curved. I had visions of myself soaking in a nice deep tub. I think I did it twice.

I hope to be in this house until they carry me out feet first. Well, maybe ten years or so and then a retirement home. Let’s pretend that cost is not an issue. Which option sounds most reasonable? I just really need help thinking this through. I know the decision is ultimately mine.

Thanks if you have slogged through this brain dump!

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