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Furniture placement in small living room with a lot of openings

last month

My daughter and her boyfriend are renovating a small home with a family/living room that is 11x17. The issue at hand is the placement of a sofa, chair, coffee table and television. There is a fireplace between 2 single French doors on the largest wall. They're considering drywalling over the fireplace to put a full size sofa on that wall otherwise there doesn't appear to be a wall it can go on. This will be used for lounging so they want a full size sofa with a tv across from it. See attached floor plan and photos of the home when they purchased it. NOTE: the wall that has the sofa on it in the picture has been opened up 8' at the far end for an open concept to the kitchen. The stairway wall where the sofa is shown in the first photo is now only 4' long with an open railing (3'-4') to the stairs. They are considering covering the current fireplace to put the sofa on and doing a tv and electric fireplace on stairway wall. (see example in 4th photo)


1. Furniture placement (full size sofa, chair (ottoman) coffee table, TV on Wall -which one)

2. Should they cover the current fireplace to put sofa on that wall and put the TV and maybe an electric fireplace on stairway wall (where sofa is currently pictured)

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