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Recent garden visitors

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3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I often have a wide range of visitors to my garden and yard because I am surrounded by woods and farm fields with abundant water. Typically it includes a lot of birds, small mammals and deer, but the farmers who plant my field have cow corn ripening next door, and so I have had a few extra visitors recently. This is part of the view I see from my kitchen window.

Coyotes found a fawn in the meadow behind the house. It is typical for fawns to be left alone to reduce the chance of preditors finding them when young from preditors scenting the doe, but this one was unlucky. photo is of the coyotes leaving. The tall grass and their fur color makes them surprisingly difficult to photograph.

The doe came back looking for the fawn later that day and the next, but I think she realized that there was no hope after that. She had been nearby when the coyotes were there, the only reason I knew what their prey was. More often I see them chasing small rodents, turkey poults, and insects.

This bear ambled into view as I was pouring my morning coffee and quickly disappeared into the field corn that is much taller than the bear standing on its hind legs. (He stood up to check out the ears of corn when he first got to the field.)

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