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Not sure what to do to improve curb appeal...

Allie Prevatt
last month

We recently bought this home. We've remodeled the inside and absolutely love it, but the exterior is lacking curb appeal. I think a big part of it is the front porch being screened with no "center" entry point. The front door is in the center of the house, but with the way the porch is, you have to enter on the side, walk through the side screen door, and then to the front door. We do appreciate having the screen to keep the bugs out, but I feel its hindering the inviting look we would like to have as a front porch. We plan to freshen up the paint, remove the satellite, add some cedar shingles to the eve above the porch, and add landscaping in front.

If we were to remove the screen and transform this porch into a more traditional front porch and center the entry stairs, is that a big undertaking? Or is it relatively do-able considering the existing structure is already there? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated!

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