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Rebloom continues in the heat

last month
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We have had the driest summer I can remember-one rain in June and two showers of no real substance in July. While areas around me have received substantial rain, my little micro climate remained dry. In spite of the oppressive heat and dryness, many plants shrugged their dhoulders and put up rebloom. Here are a few.

Blushing Escapade-what a plant! You can see the distressed foliage in this bed.

Maryl questioned how it held up in heat-here it is after a 112 heat index day. Yes, the color fades but the form and substance held up well.

Holy Water looks better on rebloom than its regular bloom cycle

Joe the Plumber-FFE on a new plant-I am sure it will look better next year

Purple Passion’s Promise-not rebloom but finishing bloom-was much smsller and paler this year

August Wedding

I’m a Pirate

Memphis on third rebloom cycle-this bed gets no watering other than rain. This plant never looked bad.

Memphis in the sun

Jellyroll Morton-pale on rebloom

Windyhill Designer Red

In the Name of the Father-late bloomer just finishing

In the Name of the Father

Mounding dwarf zinnias

Triloba rudbeckia

Gotta love marigold

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