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Exterior House color poll and Photoshop request

Paige Motta
last month

We are potentially having a 24x24 cape style garage addition added to our home on the opposite side of the sunroom/deck. Would anyone be able to add that addition on in photoshop? There is a home down the street that has a similar layout/style that we modeled it after. I have included the photo.

We also will be in a situation where the vinyl colors of the front of the house and garage addition will no longer match when we add the garage due to sun fading etc. Our contractor has recommended switching out the front (which we aren't in love with the color) while we are doing the reno. Three sides of our home are already gray in the shingle style. I was contemplating swapping the front yellow color for gray. Please let me know your vote!


House with garage that we are modeling the potential addition after:

White House Option 1:

Option 2: Gray with red door

Option 3:

Gray with blue door

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