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Will unfinished wood blend with (sanded) beveled prefinished wood?

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We need some wood replaced in a bathroom and part of a hallway due to water. We currently have oak prefinished solid wood. We are sanding and restaining the entire level of the home to change the color.

Contractor A Wants to replace the missing wood (and add wood to an adjacent carpeted room) with unfinished wood. He would then sand down the entire level and said the bevels would be sanded down enough that it would all match.

Contractor B said the that sanding will not get rid of the bevels enough for all the flooring to perfectly match and he recommends installing prefinished wood and then sanding and staining it all to match. In his opinion the edging of the pre finished/unfinished never quite matches.

I’m not sure who to believe. Obviously option B is more expensive. Im worried he might be unecessarily upcharging as Google says you can in fact sand down the bevel enough to match - but maybe real life experience is different and he is meticulous.

please help!

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