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Has anyone had this experience with their PB chesterfield sofa?

last year

We purchased a rolled arm chesterfield sofa in Crypton everyday linen (oatmeal) almost five years ago. There are now about 10 holes on the back tufted portion of our sofa as the buttons have seperated from the fabric. (The buttons are still attached to the foam inside, but they are not visible as they have sunk into the couch leaving the fabric loose (untufted) with an unsightly hole. We consulted an upholstery repair shop and were told the fabric must have expanded (stretched out) in the areas where it had been tufted and this caused the buttons to seperate. It cannot be fixed for less than it would cost to replace the sofa. It looks really awful so I've been layering large throw pillows to hide it. Everything else about the couch works well, it's comfortable, the size is perfect for our space, the color was nice and the fabric breathable and it used to be beautiful in our space. I would like to replace with the same couch but with a different fabric this time but I'm concerned that this might be a common issue with the (non leather) chesterfields. Our SA has recommended the everyday velvet but we have two large velvet accent chairs and I prefer to mix up the fabric a little with my sofa. We like the linen look of our sofa so I'm considering the performance slub cotton since it's so similar in feel to the everyday linen, but I'm afraid to have the same thing happen with the next couch. I would have thought our couch would have lasted a bit longer than it has. PB has told me they've never heard of this happening before. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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