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Flexsteel Furniture made in China

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I ordered Flexsteel Power Recliner, Power Loveseat, and Power Loveseat with Console. The Group's name is Henry. I told the furniture store that I wanted it to be Made in the USA and in Leather.

When my furniture arrived, something was not right--nothing lined up and the "Leather" was wrinkled in places. The store came and picked up both Loveseats. They tried to get an Upholsterer to fix the Loveseat with the Console and when they brought it back--one of the seat backs had a slit and burn spot on it. I refused it and now I don't know what to do. All along the sales lady has said the furniture is made in the USA and is Leather. The sales lady said she could order it for me again but cannot guarantee that the next ones will be any better.

The reason for the post is--I still have the Power Recliner and when I looked on the tag and it says Lattitude Collection and Leather Vinyl which is supposed to be made in China.

I don't know if I am being Paranoid but for the past 2 months I have felt sick to my stomach. With all of the discussions--that I should have read before I ordered this furniture--Could this have anything to do with gases being emitted? How would I even know? My recliner is the only piece of furniture I have right now and I sleep in my recliner.

I had a Leather Rocker Recliner (not Power) from Best Home furnishings and that leather did not make me sick. I was not very smart--I just sold it.

These are the other companies that have top grain leather USA Premium, Barcalounger, Hooker, Leather Italia, and Omnia. I don't necessarily want top grain leather. Most of these companies do not have what I want except for Omnia Leather in CA but I was told the wait time is 9 months. Also, some of them have bad reviews.

Thanks for listening to me.

This is the Label

@Patricia Colwell Consulting--This is the Label.

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