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Wood ceiling...what floors???

last month

I need HELP! Recently purchased my childhood home, which consists of pine tongue & groove ceiling that has "oranged" over the 35+ years, with darker beams. It did receive a clear coat sealer back when it was built. Ideally, I would somehow get that ceiling to become less orange, and if that's possible, lay down some wood or LVP throughout. (I have small kids and a dog and I'm interested in super durable and gorgeous). I'd love a white oak/neutral tone look to the floors (think Studio McGee vibe) but I'm thinking it's not possible with the ceiling in all it's glory, especially if it can't be color corrected. I'm not a fan of laying tile, but perhaps that will change if someone persuades me. The old school indoor plantar box will be demoed, stairs re-done, etc etc. Lot's of changes to be made to the pics attached, some of the stuff in there now is placeholders for future changes (TV, etc). Also: I'm keeping the brick as-is.

1. Has anyone had luck "de-oranging" a ceiling? If so, how and what type of trade does something like this?

2. What floor would you do if you couldn't do much to the ceiling

**at this point, I'm not interested in painting the T&G's either too nostalgic to me or not a look a love for this house for some reason...can't decide which is more true**

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