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Asymmetrical Landscaping on Symmetrical House?

last month

We have a very symmetrical foursquare craftsman style home. My husband wants to do asymmetrical landscaping, but I was picturing symmetrical. I’m having a hard time picturing asymmetrical landscaping on a symmetrical house as there are no examples in our neighborhood, and I’ve only found one or two poor examples on Google and Pinterest. He doesn’t want to do symmetrical because he said if one plant dies or they grow very differently on one side then you’re hosed, which I admit I have seen this in my neighborhood so I definitely see his point. Thank you so much for any pictures or advice on doing this!

For reference: the flowerbeds in very front along the side of the sidewalk are 2’ wide and he is fine with these being symmetrical (maybe an annual or perennial flower?). The flower beds in front of and on the sides of the porch are 6’. From the far left and right corners where the beds turn from being the front of the porch to the side of the porch, if you measure at a 45 degree angle from the outer point to the porch is 8’. We are planning to put stairs in on the left side of the porch to go from the porch into the front side yard/gate to the backyard (we are constantly hopping down to access the front yard grass or head into the backyard). Our backyard is totally on the left side of the house and garage is in the back with an alley.

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