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Exciting times in the garden

last year

I was out in the back garden watering (native plants; the roses are in the front and along the fence). When I was all done I went to wind up the garden hose. Sitting under the faucet was a baby rattlesnake. I looked carefully to be sure it really was a rattler, not a beneficial gopher snake. Wide cheeks, tiny rattles at the end of his tail. Yup. Now he was doing me no harm, minding his own business, but he would grow up to get big and one day he could well bite one of us or one of the dogs. I almost lost a dog to rattlesnake bite a few years back. So I went to get the shovel and I chopped him into pieces. I'm still trembling with adrenline backlash. I don't think I'd had have the nerve to attack a big snake, or maybe I'm smart enough to leave one alone. I hope and pray I never have the choice to make.

And people think gardening is such tame activity!

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